Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New WI wetlands bill so awful newspaper shouts headline twice

I've written for years on this blog about Scott Walker's politicized degradation of wetlands - - see real estate, special interests - - Wisconsin's air, waterways, and land- - one example among scores of posts - - and I think the awareness of Walker's harm to the environment has finally sunk in at The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which repeatedly endorsed him for Milwaukee County Executive and Governor and at 2:25 today posted this story about his signing a wetlands-filling bill:

Scott Walker signs wetlands bill Scott Walker signs wetlands bill

Walker signed Senate Bill 459, which designates areas as specialized wetlands, allowing property owners to conduct more building activity in these areas. 
The law will also allow dredging in artificial bodies of water, require disputes over piers to be handled by circuit courts, instead of through administrative hearings, and curb the ability of the Department of Natural Resources to block municipalities from constructing storm-water management ponds. 
Update - - the headline is corrected to just: 

Scott Walker signs wetlands bill 


Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is shouting for joy. Walker is their guy! This is their doing! This is what they have run circulations into the ground over -- economic and environmental terrorism. They own everything Walker and they support it all too.

Anonymous said...

More loss of local control from the party of small government.

Jonathan Swift said...

How many people skimming through the paper just reading the headlines would have assumed that signing a wetlands bill meant new protections?
Remember the "SKWalker" is protected by a low info crowd.