Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Supreme Court appointment double-standard, Wisconsin style

I'm waiting for one Republican policy-maker in Wisconsin who supports US Sen. Ron Johnson's obstruction of President Barack Obama's nomination to fill a vacancy on the US Supreme Court to  object to Scott Walker's appointment of a replacement for the soon-to-retire Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

Johnson's obstruction is purely for partisan advantage.

As will be Walker's move.

So - - somewhat different processes, both deeply political - - but Johnson and his block-Obama pals are hypocrites if they do nothing but applaud Walker's partisan appointment when he makes it.

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Anonymous said...

Walker has to appoint a replacement. The Choke-A-Palooza MUST GO ON! He needs to find another judge with a sleeper hold, someone that can body-slam the women on the court and then CHECK-'EM!