Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another day, another WI groundwater crisis story

This time we have fresh data that Big Ag is helping deplete the Little Plover River, a Class I trout stream.

Which is not news.

Wisconsin's Little Plover River Running Low. Again.

Big agriculture and a DNR that lets corporations have their way with Wisconsin waters that belong to everyone are again enabling the same trout stream in Portage County to fall to worrisome levels:
The Little Plover runs about 6 miles before it empties into the Wisconsin River. It attracted national attention when parts of the river ran dry in 2005. American Rivers named the Little Plover one of the nation's 10 most endangered in an annual assessment in 2013.
It's a discouraging, infuriating, repetitive story.

The River Alliance of Wisconsin cites the River's situation as a warning about the consequences of state water misuse; I posted last year Alliance Little Plover photos, below, and mentioned the river's problems in a summary blog post from last May that included more than a dozen links cataloguing the many threats to public waters in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker and his party's obeisance to businesses which think the state's groundwater and surface water are theirs to deplete, pollute and otherwise expropriate have only intensified the state's water crisis.

River Alliance of Wisconsin photos

Dead Brookie

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like all the more reason to divert water from the Great Lakes so that communities outside that basin can draw down the water there. And when I say "communities", please remember -- it will not be common households that pull most of the water -- places like Waukesha will sell that water to commercial interests to fuel additional future economic growth.

Businesses needing massive amounts of water won't move to Milwaukee where it is plentiful (that's why we were once "Beer City"), because that would undermine the economic terrorism that is now ingrained public policy there. Only by creating desperate poverty across Wisconsin's largest city can the right-wing hacks on AM squawk radio and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continue to inflame anger, outrage, and hate against the diversity there.

The hijacking of Wisconsin for neocon and out-of-state multinational corporate interests is not possible unless race-baiting can be used to anger the electorate and then directed against a "common enemy" which has been designated to be Milwaukee.

Amazing, isn't it -- "hometown" Milwaukee enterprises lie WTMJ, WISN, and MJS now exist to attack the community and inflame hate across the state.

Water running dry? Too much poo in your water? No big deal -- neocons aim to divert it from the Great Lakes Basin anyhow, eventually selling it across the land. Does anyone else remember the rallying cry from a few years ago that Wisconsin would be the "OPEC of Water"?