Saturday, April 2, 2016

Video cameras threatened Mr. & Mrs. Winchester-Remington in WI

So friendly legislators quickly set in motion another bill and the signing has taken place in front of the special interest that 'won' it.

It's how government works for the insider few in Wisconsin these days - - you can't even get a hearing a bill to help tens of thousands of college graduates reduce their student loan payments, or more citizens perhaps earn another quarter on their rock bottom $7.25/hr minimum wage, but:

Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill prohibiting people from bothering hunters in the Wisconsin woods...
The bill's Republican authors said concerns about hunter harassment have grown since the Wolf Patrol, a group of animal rights activists, followed and filmed wolf hunters in Wisconsin and Montana in 2014.
From Twitter (note the funny construction of Walker'sTweet - - the hunters are protected at the convention?): 
  1. Signed new law to protect hunters at the Bear Hunters' Association convention in Rothschild.

A practice of his that is reminiscent of the wetlands-filling bill he signed in front of cheering real estate agents, and the signing of a number of NRA-backed bills in front of friendly audiences, like the bizarre recent concealed switchblade carry law.

By the way, wolf poaching is a known problem known as 'shoot, shovel and shut-up.'

gray wolf 

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