Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WI DNR release buries elk hunt planning

You have to read to the last paragraph and last word in this WI DNR news release - - "search keyword "elk.'" - - about elk reintroduction in Wisconsin
Rocky Mountain Bull Elk.jpg
and click on the word "elk" to get to another site that says in its last paragraph that an new elk hunting season is possible:
Elk hunting in Wisconsin 
When the population size of the Clam Lake herd becomes large enough to be considered stable, a hunting season will be considered and written into the elk management plan. How many years away the prospect of hunting is will depend upon the speed with which the herd grows and whether or not further introductions occur.
Some background about the 'loss' of some of the animals.

And also about the relationship between elk and the wolf hunt:


Anonymous said...

So in other words... when they get all their ducks (elk) lined up. All the public land sold off. All the private elk hunting farms up and running. All the hunters ready to pay big $$$ to hunt (a caged animal) trophy. When the supply lines are established for replacement product. Then we will let the hunt begin.

Privatized hunting is coming. I'm not a hunter so it won't make a difference to me. But for all Wisconsin hunters who enjoy the traditional hunting season and look forward to their kids and grandkids getting to enjoy their family tradition GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...


It may be worth checking into the rumor that fencing to keep the Jackson County elk off private farmland is going to run around $100,000 per elk. That may not be a wise use of state funds.