Friday, April 8, 2016

Why the GOP/Right bought a 5-2 WI high court insurance policy

Walker's right-to-work theft of property from union workers in Wisconsin has been ruled illegal by a Dane County Circuit judge - - and correctly so - - but Walker and Vos and Big Fitz and the WMC could care less because they've got State Supreme Court justices Michael Gableman, Rebecca Bradley, David Prosser, Annette Ziegler and their hand-picked Chief Patience Roggensack waiting with overruling software programs and rubber stamps at the ready.

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Anonymous said...

If anyone believes that highly-informed democratic voters, smart enough to navigate through the maze of Voter ID roadblocks and willing to stand in line for hours did not vote for Supreme Court and did so in large enough numbers to account for Bradley's 92,000 "victory", then those fools deserve a permanent one-party state that merges out-of-state corporate control with the state.

This, my friends, is the very definition of Fascism. The media is lying to you about elections as well as everything else that dominates their fake noooooze.