Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Will Walker, GOP legislature fund Voter ID education?

I doubt it. The whole point of the GOP's voter suppression program - - fewer early voting hours, registration obstruction, and especially Voter ID - - is voter suppression in cities and on college campuses, not not voter education - - with a price tag of $250,000.

That's money the state could spend waste defending Voter ID or drug-testing food stamp recipients, or fighting clean air rules or John Doe jurisdictions or any of the ruling party's special-interest programs or self-serving priorities.

Besides, having government offer educational information suggests government has credibility and something important to say, which is the opposite of the denigrate-and-mistrust/government misinformation message which the Walkerites are busy promoting.

Widespread voter participation directly threatens pro-corporate, anti-government authority.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

And today Walker is saying "We'd have more money available if people weren't suing against voter ID." Classic abuser mentality, and an insight on just how bad these people are.

Hey Scotty and WisGOP- know a good way to avoid spending money on lawsuits? STOP PASSING QUESTIONABLE, PARTISAN BS LAWS. Sickos

Anonymous said...


Nope, Walker doesn't believe in it. Republicans do not support it, can't win elections if people were, you know, INFORMED!

They can disenfranchise enough voters to make elections close enough to steal if people understand Voter ID.

Anonymous said...


Paul Ryan asks millennials to give GOP a chance

From (you guessed it):

Scott Walker's BFF can't very well be talking-up their guy Scotty after he failed on God's plan to make him President, so they are doing the next best thing -- catapulting Paul Ryan lies as if his self-serving talking points were objective news.

Looks like Ryan is ready to step up at the convention after all if GOP can wrestle the nomination away from tRump.