Saturday, April 2, 2016

As Republicans demand civility in politics, a question...

[Updated from 3/29] Will one of the GOP candidates or their talk radio boosters crying crocodile tears across Scott Walker's Wisconsin over incivility in campaigns show some intellectual honesty by condemning Walker 'reforms' that assaulted voting rights by installing harsh and unnecessary photo voter ID requirements?

And that wiped out locally-determined weekend voting hours and abolished long-standing voter registration drives traditionally carried out by community-based and non-profit groups.

Along with other 'reforms' that blocked any increase in the Wisconsin minimum wage from a rock-bitt $7.25/hr. and which trimmed available, federally-funded food stamps and also mandated drug-tests to get them.

And which defunded several women's health care facilities.

And which rejected federal Medicaid funding at great cost to state taxpayers - - all of which also gives the lie to the myth of Wisconsin Nice?


Sue said...


Anonymous said...

It is too funny to hear "divide-and-conquer" political hacks talk about "civility"

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Boxer said...

Wis GOPpers are anemic. They need to take some iron pills to boost their ironic levels.

Anonymous said...

Boxer, they are not anemic. This isn't about a lack of iron or ironic-ness. It's about their tiny little hands.