Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walker can extend righty chokehold on WI Supreme Court

Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser - - who escaped a nail-bitingly tight re-election in 2011 and also managed to deflect subsequent allegations that he'd choked fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley - - announced his intention to retire in July.

That's good news for the far right, as it leaves the ultra-partisan and reactionary GOP Gov. Scott Walker free to appoint to the state's highest court yet another young corporate tool to a long tenure.

A court managed by recusal rules the court let major donors draft.

Under state law, there can't be an election to fill the position for about four years,so the new incumbent will have served and gained advantage until 2020.

Walker promoted the far-right Rebecca Bradley to a State Supreme Court vacancy last fall after the sudden death of Justice Patrick Crooks.

Bradley won a 10-year-term outright earlier this month.


Anonymous said...

The Right will have an absolute stranglehold on the court.

Anonymous said...

The democratic party of Wisconsin really, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, sucks. Under Mike Tate, they decided there was more money to be made playing punching bag for the republicans and then fundraising off their economic terrorism. Martha Laning is picking up where Tate left off.

It wasn't Walker that extended the righty chokehold, it was the rocket scientists at DPW that sold us out to raise funds off Walker's divide-and-conquer politics.