Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cruz-Walker union based on mutual union bashing

[Updated Sunday, April 3, 11:01 p.m., from Saturday, April 2, 1:11 p.m.] That Walker-for-Veep talk - - what with Walker campaigning with Cruz on Sunday in Green Bay, too - - is rooted in a union-bashing bromance:

Cruz, today:

Ted Cruz Calls For National Law To Cripple Unions

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said during a radio interview Thursday that he supports national “right-to-work” legislation, a type of anti-labor law that Wisconsin passed last year in an effort to cripple the state’s unions.... 
He added that Wisconsin’s law restricting unions “is exactly what we need to do in Washington.”
Walker, last year:

Scott Walker calls for national right-to-work law and no bargaining for federal workers

Seeking to revitalize his presidential campaign, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday fired a new shot at labor by proposing to prevent federal workers from collectively bargaining, create a national right-to-work law and eliminate the National Labor Relations Board.
Here's more about Wisconsin Nice [Sic]:
[Updated from 3/29] Will one of the GOP candidates or their talk radio boosters crying crocodile tears across Scott Walker's Wisconsin over incivility in campaigns show some intellectual honesty by condemning Walker 'reforms' that assaulted voting rights by installing harsh and unnecessary photo voter ID requirements? 
And that wiped out locally-determined weekend voting hours and abolished long-standing voter registration drives traditionally carried out by community-based and non-profit groups. 
Along with other 'reforms' that blocked any increase in the Wisconsin minimum wage from a rock-bitt $7.25/hr. and which trimmed available, federally-funded food stamps and also mandated drug-tests to get them. 
And which defunded several women's health care facilities. 
And which rejected federal Medicaid funding at great cost to state taxpayers - - all of which also gives the lie to the myth of Wisconsin Nice?


Anonymous said...

Well Walker's out-of-state corporate agenda and self-proclaimed divide-and-conquer style may not sound "Midwest nice", Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the rest of Wisconsin's right-wing media network have been proclaiming its polite-as-hell.

Anonymous said...

You can add John Kasich to the list of union bashers.

In 2011, Kasich and Ohio Republicans (like Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans), dutifully followed ALEC marching orders to pass laws limiting collective bargaining for public employees. Ohio citizens (using the tool of Referendum which unfortunately was not available to Wisconsin citizens) successfully pushed back, defeating Ohio Senate Bill 5. Kasich tried, but failed to limit public employee bargaining and other rights.

This week on Wisconsin Public Radio, Kasich backer and former Wisconsin legislator Scott Klug noted that Kasich reduced the Ohio state deficit, increased the rainy day fund, and increased jobs by 500,000.

I find it interesting that Ohio is doing so much better than Wisconsin on all three measures (deficit, rainy day and jobs).

Might the fact that Scott Walker eliminated collective bargaining and enacted other measures to reduce public employee take home pay (where Ohio did not) account for the differences? (I should mention that only those Wisconsin public employees who did NOT endorse Scott Walker for governor were adversely impacted.)

Kasich is probably thanking his lucky stars that his Ohio Senate Bill 5 was defeated!

Anonymous said...

If you democrats don't show up and vote for Trump, blame nobody.

Anonymous said...

Nice try.

But Democrats should vote for the Democratic candidate of their choice.

Crossing over only helps Republicans.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:46
You do know that this is a primary race? And, if anyone other than Trump wins the Republican nomination, and potentially the Presidency, Scott Walker will take his agenda nation as either VP or possibly Secretary of Labor. Kiss the Bacon-Davis Act goodbye. Kiss the middle class goodbye. Kiss Federal Unions goodbye.