Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Super political Scott Walker dismisses Waukesha water bid

The most politically-driven Wisconsin official in memory - - the Scott Walker who is always running for a higher office, and who believes himself qualified to be President of the United States with opinions on everything from ISIS to the federal budget to 'right-to-work' legislation and wisdom nationally - - has injected and manipulated fact-free politics for personal advancement, partisan leverage and lobbying advantage in government at every level and public-policy making across Wisconsin about countless issues, including:

Collective bargaining to K-12 public school financing to voting rights to Amtrak and Medicaid funding refusals to higher education cuts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars to UW faculty tenure rollbacks to corporatizing the Wisconsin DNR to food stamp availability tied unnecessarily to drug-testing to DNR science, clean air and water stewardship statewide, and more…

This 24/7/365 political game-player is quoted in yesterday's Waukesha Freeman eschewing such distasteful politicking and lobbying when it comes to the Lake Michigan diversion request by the City of Waukesha - - which has regional water quality, local border and development implications and about which Waukesha has been lobbying and politicking for..for years - - an application which calls for a daily average water withdrawal far in excess of its average daily use and proposes sending some of the diverted water to neighboring towns which have expressed no need for the diversion, nor asked for it, and tickets some water for delivery to underdeveloped acreage:
 "'Walker...said the “due diligence” of the city’s application process should stand on its own and that it’s important for it not to be viewed “as a political or lobbying effort.'”
All together now, as the Great Lakes governors convene later this week to review the Waukesha proposal - -  - - Give me a break. 


Anonymous said...

Well to be honest its not really about politics, its about their god almighty dollar. Someone will profit from diversion of water from Lake Michigan and it won't be the Waukesha general population. It has to be a profit for the select few. Yes they are of a similar political stripe, but that is how that little gang labels itself. Pay for play, money laundering and writing the rules for themselves. Its all about them and their gratification/profit, power & control. Politics? That is just a little game they play for the unsuspecting/naive public.

Anonymous said...

That would be SIR Scott Walker. Special Interest Republican.
If the application was not politically driven, why did Waukesha spend 2 million on lobbying interests in Wisconsin and Washington DC?
Why did James Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson write letters of support to the Regional body?
Why did all Waukesha. County Assemblymen and a State Senator write letters of support to Michigan and the Regional Body?

Every letter of support came from partisan positions. Not one letter of support came from anyone other than a Republican.

This loss will be greater than the Texas two step over Cruz in NY.

And to think, Waukesha spent over 5 million dollars in the last 3 years alone not even needing a new water supply.

Man MKE said...

Absolutely no politics to be seen around here in the East Wing. Nope. Nada. Nunca. None. Ever. Whatsoever. Purely non-partisan. And if you believe that, let me just add that Waukesha is greenish purple and not at all red.