Thursday, April 14, 2016

No bump for Walker in Trump's new hire

I don't think the Trump campaign's hiring Rick Wiley - - ex-manager of Scott Walker's brief and failed 2015 presidential run - - boosts Walker's chances for the second spot on a Trump presidential ticket given how thoroughly Wiley spilled the beans after Walker abruptly quit the race last year - - purportedly to help stop Trump's rise - - and left Wiley at the curb:

Scott Walker's campaign manager had some choice words about his candidate's quick exit from the presidential campaign.
'You know, like, it's a f--king bitch,' campaign manager Rick Wiley said. 'Man it really is.'
The Wisconsin governor dropped out of the presidential race Monday, using the excuse that the field was too crowded and that he was making room for a 'positive conservative alternative,' who could break through and beat Donald Trump. 
Wiley gave a postmortem interview to Politico, where he slipped in this F-bomb, but also ticked off the three main problems with the campaign: They spent too much, they didn't raise enough money and the candidate, quite simply, was just too green.
The Politico piece discloses that Wiley wasn't in the room when a decision was made to shut the campaign down.

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Anonymous said...

Candidate was not "too green" -- he is too stoooooopid. It cannot be said enough: Scott Walker is a creation of a dysfunctional media environment in Wisconsin. It is essentially all right-wing and is organized along an echo-chamber. First Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "breaks" a story (actually Walker talking point).

Then the rest of the media amplifies it as news because it was promoted by MJS. Occassionally Wisconsin State Journal leads the chorus or pro-Walker propaganda, but that is not their typical role. No other media outlet in Wisconsin acts as the leader in the dissemination of Walker talking points as news, no other has the illusion of statewide coverage (though in reality circulation of MJS is in free-fall everywhere -- this has nothing to do with competition from web-based sources. The public is just getting sick of buying their propaganda).

Then, to round off the situation, the largest radio markets are dominated by right-wing hate 24/7, very thinly veiled racist incitement designed to anger potential voters and turn them against the state's only large city, Milwaukee. Interesting enough, the biggest right-wing screechers broadcast from Milwaukee.

It isn't that the national media is any different in terms of honest journalism, but they have more many more choices than koch-funded imbecile that cannot speak in complete sentences!

However, across Wisconsin, and largely due to the efforts of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Scott Walker -- an incoherent fool -- is all-powerful and is hunkering down for a third term, because his media minions will enable it.

Of course, if a repug gets in the White House in 2016, they will pull Scott Walker out of Wisonsin, just like George W. Bush rescued Tommy Thompson from the economic train wreck he created in the Badger State. The republican playbook is to crash the economy and leave the mess to a democratic scapegoat that is then demonized and blamed for the irresponsible fiscal republican fiscal policies.


Scott Walker never had a chance on the national stage because this uneducated college drop-out is demonstrably a dooofus, but this does not prevent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from propping him up year after year, for more than a decade now.

Only when we realize that the media is the problem and unite to change this, will we see change.