Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Media reporting that WI's suppressionist voter ID law is working

TV reporters - - perhaps having seen the coverage advice on The New York Times editorial page - -  are noting tonight from the frozen tundra and elsewhere that Wisconsin voters are waiting for more than two hours to register or cast ballots in the Badger state primary, especially in student districts, because the particularly burdensome and obstructive Voter ID law put in place by the Walkerite voting suppressionists is working.

Long voting lines in Arizona's recent balloting were seen as scandalous, and possibly illegal. Will there be any outrage about the situation here?


Anonymous said...

Outrage over making it harder to vote??

Not in Walker's Wisconsin!! Republicans across America are looking at Walker's Wisconsin are the MODEL to keep Republicans in POWER forever.

The massive voter suppression effort here in Walker's Wisconsin + the likely election of Racist, Gay-Hating Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley are 2 more reasons why the educated members of the millennial generation are FLEEING Walker's Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your bought and paid for Supreme Court Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is a nice place 1/4 of the year. Blaming walker for kids leaving for more money and a better climate, is like blaming Tom Barrett for Milwaukee's murder rate.

jlh6713 said...

It's not just "kids" leaving Wisconsin, our University is bleeding top researchers. And that IS Walker's fault.