Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waukesha Legislator Walks Out On Tribal Chairman's Speech

What did Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Bill Kramer accomplish walking out?
One answer: # of concealed weapons on the Assembly floor perhaps reduced by one.


Anonymous said...

he has the judgement of cosmo kramer.

Anonymous said...

Is Kramer actually enrolled?

Reagan's disciple said...

He has the right position on most of the issues, but.sometimes he is a bit over the top. Personally I would like to see a more professional leader from this district that could maybe move up the political ladder. I think Kramer is at his ceiling

Citizen X said...

Kramer has always struck me as an immature and imbalanced man.

Boxer said...

Kramer is and always has been a classless act.

He's a follower of the GOP-Think School of Politics that tells these inexperienced legislators if they vote in lock-step with party leadership, they can do anything they damn well please and continue to be elected. With GOP-led (but taxpayer paid) re-districting all but insuring re-election, they have no need to be accountable to the voters whom they represent. Most of them--including conservatives a lot smarter than Kramer--don't seem to understand they're being paid by Wisconsin taxpayers to represent their districts, which includes some voters who disagree with them. They can't be bothered to sit down with voters, read e-mails or seek out diverse opinions before they're off to the next fundraiser--just like a herd of . . . . elephants are too noble--how about some . . . lemmings?
In a character like Kramer, who inhabits the arrogant frat-boy persona, swaggering (and staggering too--see him stumbling off the Lake Geneva cruise boat on You Tube) and bluffing his way through life, being on the Charlie Sheen-like "Winning" side only exacerbates his arrogance and pumps more air into the ignorant balloon in which he lives.

Anony Too said...

Kramer's tribal membership makes you wonder if it had anything to do with his Duke Law School admission. It does seem an odd educational progression: UW-Waukesha to UW-
Whitewater to . . . . Duke Law School?
He's not a practicing lawyer which means he never applied to the Wisconsin bar, or never passed it.