Friday, April 19, 2013

Massive Bradley Foundation School Choice Investment Revealed

Outstanding, detailed and documented work by One Wisconsin Now discloses more than $31 million invested by the Bradley Foundation to promote the School Choice movement.


Boxer said...

Lessee... we've gotta super-conservo private foundation secretly? clandestinely? quietly--at least--funding an operation to take hundreds of thousands of state taxpayer (that's 'public' for you folks) dollars and move them back into the hands and pockets of private or religious schools, all while claiming they are "improving" education. Yea, I think I get it now. That's the ticket.

TP said...

Tell me something James- who set the direction for the Bradley Foundation?

Anonymous said...

One could present the argument that voucher parents, private school parents, and religious school parents have always paid taxes to support public education. But voucher parents choosing to send more children to private and religious schools will require everyone to pay less taxes because the voucher program doesn't shift the an equal amount of tax dollars from the public school to a non-public school. Some may think that paying less taxes is an immoral thing. Those who think this to be true can voluntarily write a check to a local public school district above and beyond the lawful requirement to pay taxes. They (the district) will gladly accept the donation and the donor can use that donation as a 1040a deduction. Everyone wins. Except the public system teachers' union.