Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There's Been A Mass Stabbing At A Texas College, So...

How soon does the gun lobby say, "Ban box-cutters!"

Side note: mercifully, first reports indicate that though some of those injured have serious wounds, no wounds are fatal.

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Anonymous said...

You're being weird again. Also your joke doesn't make that much sense. If you hadn't posted in such haste you might have noticed that. These attacks are a "modern" cultural crisis, a problem we are none of us close to understanding. Once again you offer issue-clouding knee-jerk hyper-partisan vitriol. Quit being such a Point Farmer. I think it flirts with disrespect. You finish your post with a "thankfully no one was killed" thing, but clearly these news events/crises are pounced on (by you and others) in an almost gleeful manner, another brick in the wall that proves your "rightness".
btw I just read the weapon of choice may have been a pencil. I suppose you can come up with a string of witticisms on a pencil theme that will impress everyone with your sensitivity and lack of aggression. I know if I just had a pencil jammed into my neck, I wouldn't be too amused to see a bunch of sanctimonious windbags brandishing my misery over their heads or acting like they personally scored a big one, doing victory dances in their little political endzones. Maybe wait 5 minutes before churning every damn thing into political grist.
p.s. Gordon Thayer kicked butt today.