Thursday, April 11, 2013

Walker's Upcoming Trip To China Creates Uncertainty, Disruption

Ten days off the Presidential campaign trail!

Though the trip should produce nice PR photos and video, so all's not lost.

And R. Kleefisch can mind the store.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Why is a Wisconsin governor going to China at all?

Oh, yeah, because we need to outsource MORE jobs from the state. FREE MARKET.

Anonymous said...

This is a media stunt and you know it -- yet day in and day out you pontificate and pretend to be an "expert" while propping up the lie of objective journalism and shamelessly promoting yourself as someone with acute political perception.

Obviously not -- you are the self-proclaimed "blue" that provides cover for the media noise machine you work for -- nothing progressive at all about ignoring the role of the media in every item you blog about.

And it is even insulting the way you pretend to be the "expert" while enabling the circus that created teabaggers and scottie walker.

Anonymous said...

What will he eat? Do they have hot ham rolls in China?

Anonymous said...

an hour after returning from china and he'll be hungry for the presidency again.