Monday, April 22, 2013

Pro-Business Legislators Shocked To Discover UW System Has Reserves

The Legislative scapegoating begins.

Could any legislators have voted on the UW budgets?

Speaking of legislators...Maybe Scott Fitzgerald, Senate leader and budget reviewer for years, could order up a warrant for Jim Doyle. It has to be his fault.

Details, here.


Ron R said...

How can a system that has been starved (Democratic Party ranting point) by Gov. Walker have reserves?

Anonymous said...

The current student population owes a big thank you to the graduates whom (unknowingly)went into great debt and will now pay it back on behalf of students receiving frozen tuition.

Graduates, you have nothing to complain about. Get a job and join the real world. You were used.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Yes, they are planning to raise tuition again his year because of cuts....oops we got caught... 1 billion dollars later.

And if it were a business the left would be screaming about he obscene profits at the expense of the middle class. The same middle class that populates the lecture halls and has been paying for this slush fund.

Your defense of this is shameful.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

So wait. You righties are all about "government should live within its means" and that it needs to be innovative and "run like a business." So the UW System does just that, relies more on non-state sources of revenue and cuts costs, and now it's unacceptable to you.

So are you admitting that government really shouldn't be run like a widget-creating business? That you should expect services and results over cutting costs and grabbing as many revenue sources as they can? Looks like you are.

Your faux-trage on this subject is so transparent. It's an obvious misdirection play to avoid talking about WisGOP's horrible performance on jobs, and to avoid talking about the emerging redistricting scandal.

Besides RD, your parents won't have to pay as much for you to go to a UW System school in 3 years. So what the hell are you complaining about?

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Forget it, Jake, It's Disciple-town.

Anonymous said...

It was dishonest to raise tuition and tell the public you hurting because of cuts in state funding.

Any CEO who would make his board of directors look like they have no idea what was going on to the shareholders would be fired behind closed doors.

The money, in a real business, is invested to work for the business.

You raise the cost of your product and then comp[lain you can't attract top talent because you lied about this perception and your product value goes down.

In a damage control mode, the state is offering to freeze tuition with hope of not losing student population. Screw those paying student loans for an over prices product.

Do you get it?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Hey, if they want to freeze tuition as a payback to the students and make UW System schools more affordable I'm all for it. But I have no illusions that this is the main thrust of what the GOPs are trying to get out of this faux-trage. They're trying to make the UW System look bad, apparently for not overspending funds that they raised themselves.

Now, maybe it makes the UW's complaints about not having the resources to keep talent seem a bit lame, I agree with you there. But aren't we always saying governments should spend wisely and frugally instead of trying to throw around all the money they have? Why the double-standard, or at least why is there such a ginned-up reaction to what's really not much of a problem.

It smells like bullshit, because a lot of the complaints are.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And PS- Record corporate profits in the US sort of goes against your fantasy-world where businesses use extra money to invest in their businesses. In the corporate world, they put that money in their pockets and don't hire or pay talent, and unfortunately, the UW System seems to have copied some of those negative traits.