Sunday, April 28, 2013

In WI, Who Needs These Kinds Of DNR Employees? Not Glenn Grothman...

State Sen. Glenn Grothman wants to eliminate unfilled DNR positions. Here's what's available right now through the DNR website - - and I'm sure Grothman sees no relationship between helping ensure a clean and vibrant environment for his constituents and finding people to do jobs related to wildlife, forestry, hydrology, investigative warden:

Current Job Openings

Title Job Code Deadline Date
Data File Manager - IS Resource Support Tech [exit DNR] 13-01518 April 28, 2013
Forestry Resource Management Partnership Coordinator [exit DNR] 13-01477 April 29, 2013
Wildlife Technician - Advanced - May 2013 [exit DNR] 13-01555 May 01, 2013
Special Investigative Warden [exit DNR] 13-01428 May 05, 2013
Natural Resources Manager - Deputy District Water Leader [exit DNR] 13-01636 May 10, 2013
Forest Hydrologist [exit DNR] 13-01557 May 13, 2013
Forestry GIS Program Manager [exit DNR] 13-01611 May 21, 2013

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