Friday, April 19, 2013

Small (Eyes-Closed) Government Ignored Exploded Texas Factory

OSHA hadn't inspected the exploded West, TX fertilizer plan since 1985, says the AP.

The plant had been allowed to open without a permit, and had claimed when it finally got around to fixing that little oversight that the plant posed no fire risk, says Texas media.

Schools, apartments, a nursing home and many homes were allowed by local planners to be located in the plant's shadow.

Government regulation?

Seems to have been a low priority there.


Anonymous said...

In Texas? Say it ain't so, Jim.

Boxer said...

I believe we have Guvn'r (yuu've got lotsa s'plaining to do!)Ricardo Perry saying the company is a 'good company' with 'good people' . . . . yea, except for the time they poisoned their neighbors . . . and oh, yea, the other time they blew up and killed their neighbors. Totally stand-up operation, Texas-style.