Saturday, April 13, 2013

Science Ignored By Legislators (R), Walker's Mining Bill

Wisconsin legislators at the behest of Gov. Walker failed at their jobs  - - from writing the iron mining bill in secret - - but with the participation of the company - - through its 'hearings' - - to final approval.

Here's a fresh sample of what they ignored and what they would foist on the state, the northwoods, the Bad River tribe and Lake Superior.

Hat tip, Blogging Blue:

In just the first phase of its operation, the GTAC mine would be the world’s largest open pit iron mine. Period. We are talking a hole four miles long, a half mile wide and 1,000 feet deep. When I said mountains of waste rock that was no exaggeration. We are talking billions of tons of the stuff...through a 100 year time span....
The waste rock that would come out of the GTAC mine has a lot of fool’s gold in it, also known as iron pyrite. That is a sulfur compound that when exposed to air and water creates sulfuric acid. The amount of iron pyrite in the waste rock is enough to generate a gallon of battery acid per ton of rock. That means billions of gallons of battery acid with only one place to go: into the ground water....
The same is true of the waste rock that is on top of the iron ore up in the Penokees. Blast it, dig it up, load it, unload it, bulldoze it around, mix it with water and air, and you get a toxic stew. Right at the top of the Bad River Watershed.

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