Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ron Johnson, Senator "No"

Our empathy-free Senator - - unmoved even by the presence of the parents of murdered first-graders - - stands with the NRA instead and votes "no" to debating common sense gun violence prevention measures.

He is in for a deservedly-rough re-election ride in 2016 - - a Presidential year - - when turnout is high and memories are long.

As the gun issue became front-and-center, Johnson is a bystander.

*  No recent press releases on guns.

*  No news stories of any kind linked at his "in the news" tab since 3/27.

*  His last Facebook posting since 3/28 came yesterday - - and it his subject was not guns:

It was nice meeting with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers on Monday. Thank you NAIFA!

*  His Twitter account has only one Tweet after 3/31:

  1. History will recognize Lady Thatcher as an extraordinary leader, and a critical partner for America.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the emphasis on his "lack of" press releases and stuff. People need to STOP the @&%$#*% Tweeting, NOT be reprimanded for not doing it enough. But back to Ron - he doesn't need to Tweet because everyone already knows what his opinion would be. Plus, his declaration of intent to filibuster was a pretty strong statement, wasn't it? The only reasonable excuse (IMO) to try to use procedural BS to stop a vote is if there is something wrong with a Bill (like it's illegal or has not been handled properly or something, like all the crap they do now at our own capitol) Otherwise trying to stop a vote is lame. What's the fear? People in Washington might DO something? Ohnoes.
Bottom line - Johnson is an idiot, who wants to hear him talk about guns. Who wants to hear him talk about anything. Anytime he opens his cakehole, it's a bad time. We're all better off on the days when Ron sits quietly in his room with his helmet on playing with his Founding Father action figures. So really, quit encouraging this guy to talk, no one wants that. No.No.No.

James Rowen said...

Many electeds use FB and Twitter along with traditional news releases to expound, explain and communicate.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, RonJon has been notable in Washington for his NOT doing things.

For which I am kind of thankful. The idea of what kinds of things RonJon would DO is kind of horrible.

Of course, since government is NOTHING like running a business, he will be shocked that he can't just order things done and then let others make them happen....

Mortified in West Allis said...

Ron Johnson is a scaredy cat. Everyone with half a brain knows how he would ultimately vote. Why hide behind a contrived filibuster? To impress his right wing puppeteers of his ideological purity? Perhaps he disdains his constituents because we don't"get it" (i.e. agree with him)?