Monday, April 22, 2013

Mexico Is Open For Wisconsin Jobs

Our job creators prefer the business climate there.

Welcome home, Walker:

Cooper Power Systems is cutting 166 jobs at its Pewaukee plant and moving the work to Mexico, the company said Monday.
Something of a trend:

Waukesha Metal Products is opening a plant in Mexico.

A battery-maker shifted work there last year.

As did Polaris.

And one of our region's water cluster leaders did, too:
To reduce costs and optimize a new factory, Badger Meter Inc. plans to shift production from its main operations in Brown Deer to a new plant in Mexico.
Does Walker - - at #44 in job creation natlonally - - have a plan to stem this trend?


Reagan's Disciple said...

Lower taxes, tax credits to targeted industries and tax incentives to hire and train workers are just some places to start.

Oh, that's right, Democrat party is against all of those things.

Seems as though you relish in announced job losses.

Anonymous said...

Does Walker have a plan to stem this trend? Of course not -- unless it is to make sure we drive out the unions so that manufacturers can pay Americans Mexico- or China-style wages and maximize their profits. Remember the goal of his administration: 250,000 ($8 an hour no-benefit) jobs.

Sonoma badger said...

Dear R D. Walker has done all that. He also has both houses of the legislature, so it doesn't really matter what Democrats think. No one is standing in his way. There must be something wrong with his policies, or else we would be achieving success in these matters. Back to the drawing board.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I thought Act 10 was supposed to increase employment.

And that Walker and the Koch Industrial Party operates all o fthe legislature, so why aren't the tax cuts making everything happy-time?

Oh yeah, they are tax cuts for out-of-state corporations and tax increases low-to-middle income individuals and small businesses.

But there is nothing that Tax Breaks won't fix! We've been doing it for 40 years, and the corner is Just about to be turned! Clap Harder!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And keep cutting those wages to be "competitive" with third-world countries. After all people who work don't buy things anyway, right?

How about some tariffs that protect and respect people that work and contribute to OUR state? But oh no, Scotty's too busy riding Harley's in China to care about people who actually work and pay taxes here.

RD said...

Sorry, act 10 was meant to balance the budget by getting the crybaby teachers to start footing some of the bill for their own pension and health cost while giving some control back to local government.

Glad the "Kochsanity" has made it's way back. I thought that maybe the Graeme Zielinski fanboys had gone silent in the party.

Anonymous said...

@RD: Really not helpful to talk about 'crybaby teachers'. Teachers have always paid for part of their retirement and health insurance. Act 10 did target teachers and had nothing to do with budgets. Schools have always been part and parcel of local control. What part of 'locally elected school boards' do you not understand. Actually, Scott Walker has taken away control! As teacher salaries and take home pay shrinks, what happens to money in a small community? Teachers bashing has got to stop. Maybe Walker will learn about respect for education in China!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Act. 10 has done none of what you say, except for the part about making public employees take home less of their pay. And the corporate tax cuts that Act 10 allegedly was to cover for have done NOTHING for job creation, but certainly seems to encourage the "profit by any means" mentality that is destroying this country's economy.

But I suggest you ask the 166 workers in Waikesha County today if they think it's the teachers' fault they got their jobs shipped to Mexico. I'm sure it'll go over well.

Bill Kurtz said...

Jennifer Granholm, governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2010, wrote after leaving office that her GOP-controlled legislature continually cut taxes for businesses to supposedly spur job development. Instead, she wrote, businesses happily pocketed the extra profits and invested elsewhere. History is repeating itself.