Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WisDOT Should Replace The Janesville Bur Oak: I'll Donate

Since the heritage Janesville Bur Oak pictured below is to be cut down for highway expansion, and is said to be too expensive to move, why doesn't WisDOT - - with an assist from the DNR - - engage in a Bur Oak restoration program to remediate the loss and make a statement both symbolic and substantive about the importance of the Wisconsin environment, too?

The tree is 150 years old, so how about a 150-Bur Oak replanting in the area and statewide?

Photo by Mary Ann Buenzow
Private nurseries sell the trees. Local governments grow them. The DNR operates nurseries and Bur Oaks are available, according to the online DNR catalog.

The costs would be minimal, and the public benefits immeasurable. I'll bet citizens or business would kick in. I'm good for the first $100.

Can't we get a little creative here?

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Anonymous said...

Good guess this bur oak will be the source of many fine pieces of furniture for the Governor's Mansion.