Monday, April 8, 2013

Blogger Shines Light On State Fee Flim-Flam

Hat tip to the blog Jake's Economics TA Funhouse for pointing out how the Walker administration is hanging on to obscure fees collected from phone and cable bills - - monies that could be returned to local governments to fund library or school communications services:

This cut meant that local communities and school districts had to find another $1.7 million to make up for these cuts in a time when shared revenues were also being cut, and the ability to make up the difference in property taxes or sales taxes was also limited. Interestingly, the fund took in about $1.7 million more than it spent out for that budget year, which means the cut to library aids could have been restored, giving some huge relief to local communities and schools.


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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Thanks for the props, James. The other interesting part is that the state is adding $4.9 million out if this to expand broadband to rural and other under served areas....2 years after the Walker boys turned down $23 million in stimulus funding geared towards the same thing.