Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Walker Doesn't Tell People What To Do. Really?

Gov. Walker says, on principle, that he doesn't think it's his place to tell filibuster-pledged Sen. Ron Johnson how to vote on federal gun issues. And there's more.

You might want to save the priceless Walkerism in the lines below from this NRA-compliant interview, as it's a keeper:
“I’m not going to tell people what they should or shouldn’t do,” Walker told reporters when asked about Johnson’s proposed filibuster. “That’s really a procedural issue in terms of the United State Senate and I’ll leave that up to them.”
Except just a few months ago when the "fiscal cliff" loomed, we read this:
Don't raise taxes just to fix the federal budget and avoid the approach of the fiscal cliff, Gov. Scott Walker signaled to congressional Republicans on Wednesday.
And more recently, about potential sequester cuts and their federal fiscal impact: 
...Walker said in the interview with the Journal Sentinel that deferring spending cuts would be "kicking the can" down the road, and that Republicans in Congress were right to insist that any 11th-hour deal - any alternative to across-the-board cuts - comprise spending reductions only and not tax increases.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) urged lawmakers to call President Barack Obama's "bluff" ahead of March 1, when a serious of automatic cuts take effect.
And how is wiping out public employees' rights to assemble, unionize and bargain anything other than telling other people what to do?


Anonymous said...

You lost me at, "Gov. Walker says, on principle..."

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Walker's been telling the citizens of Milwaukee to Got To Hell for quite a few years....

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Rules don't apply to us." GOP 21st Century motto.

Now is he delusional or cynical? That's the key question.