Monday, April 22, 2013

Kewaunee County Wells Contaminated; Where Is The DNR?

The other day I'd noted that the DNR was looking the other way when it came to clean water and other basic environmental protections:

As Wisconsin environmental regulation is relaxed for ideological purposes or the convenience of business - - here, or here. for examples - - attention to good policy and best practices in the wolf hunt, frac sand or iron mining, large-scale dairies operations or additional clean water and air quality issues will fall more to concerned citizens.
As Earth Day 2013 should be celebrated in where its founder, former Gov. Gaylord Nelson had found its inspiration, here's more evidence:
Results of recent private well-testing in Kewaunee County show over one in five wells are unsafe, testing positive for E Coli, Coliform, and Nitrates.
The tests were conducted by a state-certified lab at the Kewaunee County Land and Water Conservation Department, and demonstrate a failure on the part of the DNR to protect the people of Kewaunee County and their water.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Move to rural Wisconsin! Watch your child come down with the shits!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the DNR can only enforce those laws that it has authority to enforce and if those laws don't provide adequate regulatory authority or if another agency has regulatory authority, DNR cannot be held accountable. You might need a lawyer to untangle this.

Unknown said...

I hope everyone should aware of this situation and
air quality testing
should be available to everyone in the country

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time feeling sorry for people who move to the country to escape high property taxes and still expect the same level of service. DNR isn't responsible for providing clean drinking water for private wells. DNR is responsible for groundwater feeding lakes, rivers, wetlands etc. but based on past experience nobody really wants to spend money on keeping fish alive - we can just restock em. Do I care about Kewaunee Cares? Nope. Bunch of rich home owners who don't want to contribute to making society better. They want to selfishly keep their money to themselves while whining that the DNR isn't protecting them from farmers who, under current law, have every right to expand. Not a CAFO supporter but these farm owners do have the law on their side. Suck it up rural gentlemen and gentle ladies. Choices have consequences.

Anonymous said...

Dude, some people move to the county in order to engage in farming, and not everyone is trying to pollute the water. Some of us want to do traditional, family farming, and we're being pushed out by the same corporate plantations that in the meantime are poisoning our wells.