Friday, April 26, 2013

Wisconsin Celebrating Arbor Day By Planning To Ax 150-Year-Old Oak

Could today - - Arbor Day in Wisconsin - - be more absurd?

Much of southern Wisconsin used to be Oak Savanna in which the near-indestructible and slow-growing bur oak was widespread, but one Civil War-era beauty is coming down, says the Janesville Gazette, so WisDOT can widen State Highway 26:


Anonymous said...

Be friggin serious. Drive around Sand Country for a few days and try to tally up all the Old, Beautiful and Amazing stuff that's being annihilated, not as individual and tragic items, but measured in tonnage. Such vast amounts of plants, earth, water (both above and below ground) insects, wildlife -even the air- it can only be referred to as The Landscape. This happens here on Earth Day, and everyday, 7 days a week, around the clock.
And you're sad about A Tree. A single tree. Man up, James.

James Rowen said...

We're talking about a symbol here. This blog has been writing extensively about Wisconsin's endangered environment since 2/2007.