Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sources Abound On The Web About Northern Wisconsin Mine

Along with Facebook groups Citizens Concerned About The Proposed Penokee Mine, and Band Together To Save The Penokees, and the Xoff blog on the Uppity Wisconsin platform, let me also pass along as reliable sources on the mining issue a link to the website, by Water's Edge, (WE).

WE is initiating a Virtual Lake Superior Alliance. The watershed states of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Province of Ontario will be included as we continue working to Protect the Waters of the Penokee Hills. It will be helpful if you will spread the word or provide contacts for us.
(By way of providing contacts, there are also about 100 posts about the mining issue put up at this blog since March, 2011, and most have links to newspaper stories and various commentaries. Put key words like "Penokee," "mine," or "mining" into the search box at the upper left on the blog face page.)

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Anonymous said...

The other day I managed to weasel my way onto Facebook to look at these Groups. Not meaning to criticize your post etc. but I really didn't see that as any kind of "information source". it seemed to be the typical FB phenom of people pasting their Profile images on a "meaningful" page, to just kind of label themselves. Like carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag around while you wear your Burberry scarf and then collect public accolades for doing so while Politico has bought rights for deep-mining everyone's public and private political message on FB. (Mining bad, not-Mining good)

Personally, I hope the comparisons of everyone to Hitler and casual mentions of his name go waaaay up. Mine that Dbags!
Plus, I think I'll start a FB account and write a lot of musings and make Hipster Awesome Likey McLike pages about Genghis Kahn. He was actually not as bad a guy as everyone thinks. Sure he had a bit of a scorched earth style, but then he instituted more sophisticated government processes throughout and opened up serious trade routes afterwards.
I'd like to harness the power of Politco harnessing the power of Facebook harnessing the power of Vapid Narcissism to get America talking about Genghis Khan once again. Please click the Donate link in the sidebar.