Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ironic, Isn't It? Big Government Foe Takes Biggest Gob Of Free Government Money

That would be Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, (R-Juneau), clocking in as the-number one collector last year of $88-per-day travel and meal money - - up 10% from the previous year, for good, perhaps full measure.

I wish the reporting of these payments would note that the dough is tax-free, constituting a separate, second income legislators have arranged for themselves at taxpayer expense.

Remember when Fitzgerald said government was too big and expensive, with too many people getting handouts?

No wonder that Fitzgerald faces a recall election - - a Wisconsin first for a Senate Majority Leader.

What was yummy for the goose will surely be even tastier for the gander.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Rule Number 1 for any Republican- "The rules we state do not apply to us or our contributors."

Even more egregious is the fact that Fitz lives about an hour away from the Capitol. It's not like he's Bob Jauch and comes from 5 hours away.

JoeF said...

Straight out of that pissant John Gard's playbook! Move from Peshtigo to Sun Prairie (while still claiming to represent the 89th district), enroll the kids in the Sun Prairie school district, and then have your hand out for the per deim.

Anonymous said...

When you attack Republicans for taking per diem start listing what the left wing extreme Democrats from Dane County are doing. Plus do they request mileage to visit the Saul Alinsky Shrine and Learning Center?