Friday, January 20, 2012

Depending On The Circumstances, Walker Says The State Has A Deficit, Or Doesn't

Scott Walker is blanketing the airwaves with ads that say he balanced the budget. It's part of his national fund-raising tour script.

But his Administration  Secretary Mike Huebsch told federal health officials that the state would run a deficit this year, so could legally stop paying some health care benefits to low-income residents.

That's what broke states have to do, I guess - - along with manipulating data and definitions and basically keep two sets of books for differing situations and audiences.

Walker wants it both ways, but the bottom line in in this tacky tale of political opportunism and callous capitalism is that duplicity is now an accepted accounting method for this administration.

Details here, thanks to State Rep. Jon Richards:

On Dec. 29, Walker administration secretary Mike Huebsch sent a letter to federal health secretary Kathleen Sebelius certifying that Wisconsin will have a budget deficit through June 30, 2013. By certifying that its budget isn’t balanced, the Walker administration can now dodge a federal law requiring it to continue providing health care for up to 53,000 residents. The Walker Administration letter contrasts starkly with public comments by Walker, who has claimed repeatedly since June that his budget is balanced. 

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Raven said...

So can the feds simply reject Huebsch's certification, based on his boss the Governor (recorded from TV) flatly contradicting him?