Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Komen For The Cure Bends To Right-Wing Demands

Another hit for low-income women: The Susan G. Komen For The Cure, a leading funder of breast cancer treatment and research, is knuckling under to pressures from the Right and pulling its support for Planned Parenthood.

A tragedy for poor women - - compounded in Wisconsin by Scott Walker's ideological attack on Planned Parenthood's role in women's health services - -  and a foolish political misstep for the mainstream Komen brand.


Forward Our Motto said...

This is a subtle point, but Komen didn't cave, they converted. They brought in a right-wing extremist to their top-levels and then pursued this policy.

Anonymous said...

A misstep that will mean far fewer of us stepping out to do the Komen Walk. We can find many other ways to remember our friends. And why wait? A donation to PP in a friend's memory can be done tomorrow.

Mortified in West Allis said...

The de-funding of Planned Parenthood is very concerning to me. I'm amazed that such a wonderful organization lacked the courage and backbone to stand-up to the apparent political pressures. Shame on them! This should be contrasted to the women who, on a daily basis, stand up to their cancer with courage, resistance and under enormous pressure.

What is more ominous is the fear that the Komen Foundation will now be pressured to adopt the puesdo-scientific and de-bunked claims of pro-birth nut jobs that the best way to avoid breast cancer is to never have an abortion or use oral contraceptives.

I'll walk alone.