Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Suppose An Iron Ore Mine Were Proposed In Chenequa?

Chenequa is a Village in Waukesha County's so-called "lake country" that is 100% residential - - website, here - - and that in recent years has had the highest per-property for a municipality assessment in the state.

It is at the heart of the base of the state's pro-growth, de-regulation Republican Party.

I wonder if GOP legislators would be pushing so hard to ease water law in Wisconsin to encourage mining in the name of jobs if it were Chenequa and its Pine Lake that were in the bulls-eye, and not tribal lands at the Bad River headwaters in Northern Wisconsin.

Bad River headwaters, (Pete Rasmussen photo):


  1. Chenequa, WI


Say What? said...

Not in my backyard!

GeoGirl said...

If you proposed a mine in, say, southwestern Milwaukee Co. It could stretch all the way from Southridge to the railroad tracks (Burnham Ave), in West Allis.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is much iron ore in Waukesha County but I could see a few sand mines opening up.

Jim Bouman said...

How dare you imply that Chenequa's citizenry do not care about keeping lakes pristine, do not hire brigades of silk stocking lawyers to protect the precious heritage of their beloved lake country. They have fought like demons to keep every proposed lake access point that would enable launching fishing boats and canoes by outsiders. They control all the lakeshore of Pine Lake, and major portions of the shores of North Lake and Beaver Lake.
Every chance I get I take my little rowboat out there and cruise as close to the piers as I can get, playing a sweet little tune from Motorhead: "Eat the Rich".

Ron R said...

This would be a mine James would support. He would probably insist on approval of all permits and demand that the mine begin operations in a minimum of 30 days.

James Rowen said...

to Ron R. There would be no one protesting a mine there louder than me. What about you?

Reagan's Disciple said...


There is a nice public access on the north shore of Pine, so it is not all private. Beaver lake is the most recent of the lake country lakes to try and protect its water resources.

Jim Bouman said...


I didn't say that there were none. The one that has been opened required overcoming a huge, monied, to-the-courts battle with the .01% who felt that they alone should have access to this public waterway.

Interesting point about Beaver Lake trying "to protect" its water resources. Point me toward some info on this.