Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tavern League Favors Iron Mine Bill

The Tavern league of Wisconsin has taken a position in favor of the water-rights killing Assembly iron mining bill.

What the heck does the position in the group's filings bring to the table?

There are plenty of mine backers already seated there, says the Ashland Current.

The mining company itself used nine lobbyists in 2011, records show, including employees, established lawyers, and firms.

Seriously - - mining and drinking?

I don't get it.


Say What? said...

Well- what did the gold miners during the great gold rush after their shift was done? Visit the closest tavern.

No doubt Walker would change the drinking laws to reflect the three shifts of mining.

Anonymous said...

It's not facetious. Mining will bring in transplanted workers to a sparsely populated region.

They will drink. A lot.

Me said...

Yeah, and throw in a rez full of depressed Anishinaabeg whose livelihoods have been taken away along with any hope for a normal future. Plus a slew of random but also depressed other folks who look at Kathleen Falk and ask "if she is the "answer" then what the hell was the question anyways", knowing that if she is the party's Chosen One it will mean an emboldened and entrenched Walker and more and more mining here cuz SHE WILL LOSE....
the Tavern league ought to be seeing record profits.