Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Walker Self-Inflicted Wounds Keep Coming

Running to El Rushbo will push up the eventual recall vote. Wisconsin is rejecting extremism.


Reagan's Disciple said...


You are setting yourself up for such a let down when Walker wins... again.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that Walker is now running for president (just as he began running for governor the day he became county exec) and so is far more interested in his national profile than in governing Wisconsin. He is on the road talking to right-wing sugar daddies and grubbing for money almost as often as he is in the state. So to respond to the recall he runs to Limbaugh et al, as that is how to reach a national audience. Sure he wants to remain governor of Wisconsin so he can keep showing off his right-wing chops, but if he gets recalled, what the hey? He's a martyr for his "principles" and still a right-wing hero.

Paul Trotter said...

But what would you do with yourself Reagan if it wasn't for James at least digging the dirt up and getting the grave ready for the political sociopath.

So Reagan, you would prefer he just sit back in his rocker and play with the TV remote and watch the sociopath destroy Wisconsin.

Looks like Reagan is projecting an unwillingness to take risks.


Anonymous said...

This idiot just turned down money for the Affordable Health Care Act. Do you rally think Obama is going to let that go? No. WI can now look forward to involvement in an expensive Supreme Court fight. I agree, he is running for President.

Anonymous said...

President of what?

Anonymous said...

Federal law requires that states seeking a waiver to reduce or eliminate access to public health care certify that they have, or project to have, a budget deficit. In seeking a waiver that would restrict or eliminate health care for thousands of Wisconsin families, Scott Walker’s administration certified in a December 29, 2011 letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that, “Wisconsin would have a budget deficit, based on generally accepted accounting principles, during state fiscal years 2012 and 2013…”

The admission by Walker’s administration that Wisconsin carries a budget deficit contradicts Scott Walker’s perpetual campaign lie that his “reforms” are working for Wisconsin, and that he has eliminated “a $3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes.”

Anonymous said...

RD, on the day the recall petition was submitted, Walker was at a fundraiser hosted by AIG.

You know, that company that screwed the pooch on mortgage bonds and default insurance and had to get the biggest bailout in the history of capitalism.

Walker is making a mockery of everything conservatives stand for by showing up there to collect laundered tax money from the bailout for his own personal bailout.

And you still back him? Are you really that lacking in self-respect?