Monday, January 23, 2012

Frank Lasee's US Senate Campaign Finally Earns Media

[Sunday, Jan. 29 update: Lasee drops out.]

State Sen. Frank Lasee is up against better-known rivals in the US Senate race, including Mark Neumann and Tommy Thompson, so getting ink hasn't come easy for the De Pere Republican.

But if any publicity is good publicity, then Lasee's PolitiFact "false" rating for misrepresenting health insurance costs in Wisconsin might be just the PR boost his candidacy has needed.

Like many ideological conservatives, Lasee opposes government spending, but is now well into a second decade of helping himself to it.

He's was elected (official bio) to the Assembly in 1994 and served until 2008. After losing his Assembly seat, Lasee got back to Madison by winning an election to the State Senate in 2010.

He's a government guy winning elections by running against government. No contradiction, apparently.

As a Wisconsin legislator, Lasee has enjoyed years of taxpayer-paid salaries and a variety of benefits - - from health insurance to $75 in tax-free meal and lodging payments for any day during which he reports for work at the Capitol - - but who could tell a Tea Party rally last year (video) in Oshkosh that "government is too big, too expensive...taxes too much..."

Lasee has made news erratically, with opposition to wind farms and hearing aids for kids, but support for armed school personnel were all among previous media wins.

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A. Wag said...

Don't forget Frank's (the 'Lesser Lasee') attempt to limit the number of lawyers in Wisconsin. He felt there were 'too many' after his wife's divorce attorney out-lawyered his side when Lasee unwisely chose to represent himself, thus ensuring, as if it weren't already well- and double-ensured, that Lasee had a fool for a client.