Friday, January 27, 2012

Walker Declines To Say "I Knew Nothing"

Nowhere in the tossed word salad that our bobbing-and-weaving Governor regurgitated from a day of studying perjury-free talking points is there a flat-out denial that he didn't know his appointees were doing campaign work - - or an affirmation that he knew what in fact they were doing at work, and with a secret communications system, to boot - - on the public's dime - - 25 feet from his office:

"I think it's very clear when all of this is done, no matter how much time it takes, and again my campaign has been involved with cooperating with them for more than a year, I have every confidence that when this is completed, people will see that our integrity remains intact," Walker said.
Asked about the proximity of his office to space occupied by Kelly Rindfleisch, his then-deputy chief of staff in 2010, and whether he knew what Rindfleisch was doing, Walker declined to comment, saying he wanted to abide by the rules of the John Doe probe and not provide details publicly.
John Doe rules do not prohibit anyone from proclaiming their innocence.

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