Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is This The Right Time To Subsidize A Line Of Small Planes?

More than $100 millions in state subsidies to build a line of new, small planes aimed aat corporate buyers? Let's hope Walker hasn't given away the store to outbid Maine for the airplane venture.

And isn't ironic that Walker is relying on federal tax credits - - take a bow, Obama - - to seal the deal?

For the record, let's archive these quotes from a business publication:

“We’re talking 600 new jobs,” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said at the morning announcement at Richard I. Bong Municipal Airport...

“Six-hundred is a reasonable number and we hope to eventually have even more,” said Kestrel chairman and CEO Alan Klapmeier, who also co-founded Duluth-based Cirrus Aircraft.

At the 2010 EAA show in Oshkosh, Klapmeier is seen in this video was praising Maine and officials there for making him a deal that was supposed to launch his new plane's construction there.


Anonymous said...

Walker supports socialist subsidy for high speed corporate planes, but opposes accepting $800 million from the Feds for High Speed Rail for the people.The Madison-Milwaukee train would have been used by the 99%. The high speed corporate planes will help Walker's corporate masters.

Anonymous said...

I bet this company will fold within five years and the CEO will pay himself a very large bonus every year until bankruptcy. Isn't that how Republican economics works?