Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Imagine, Wisconsin, A Governor Who Was Interested In The Truth

What does it say about the state of Wisconsin and its politics that the advance text of Governor's Walker's State of the State tonight repeats demonstrably false claims about the budget being balanced, and furthermore, balanced without having raised taxes?

State fiscal records show that two taxes were raised, and Walker's Secretary of Administration recently told federal officials the state was still running a deficit. 

And what does it say - - actually, these numbers speak for themselves - - that the PolitiFact rating service has found 27 of 40 statements of Walker's it vetted to be "mostly false, "false," or "Pants on Fire?" That's a pretty lousing batting average.

We all know there is a certain amount of exaggeration by some elected officials - - "I gladly yield the balance of my time to the Gentleman from the Great State of such-and-such..." - - and that politicians will take credit for something created or achieved when, in fact, scores, thousands of people deserve some or even most of the credit.

But repeating falsehoods, even after true facts to the contrary are publicized?

That, Bucky is a problem.

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