Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jeff Wagner's Recall Prediction

The WTMJ radio talker has predicted 25% or more of the Walker recall signatures would get tossed. I'll take a dollar of that.


lph said...

I spent several hours entering signature data into the data base at the AFSCME headquarters in Madison (after going to work all day btw) Basically my job was to check the signatures against voter registration records.

When I came across signatures from outside the Milwaukee area nearly 100% of the names and addresses matched exactly with the addresses on the voter records. When I worked with names from Milwaukee County the addresses were a bit more difficult to match -- yet still the addresses and names matched 90% of the time. Of those 10% I only had to flag three that lacked specific data -- usually it was the zip code (and none for a fake name).

My point is this, a large % of these names were verified (and flagged) before they were sent to GAB. Yes I am only one person and only looked at about 700 signatures, however out of those 700 I am guessing only two could be challenged.

But what do I know -- I am just a union thug, not a talk radio host.

Anonymous said...

The denial of reality by every right wing talk puppet is amusing. They must go home and say something like this to themselves," Geez, how long do I have to keep up these lies?", but then that self preservation ego kicks in and says,"Now Jeffy ( Marky,Chuckie,Jayboy,Shut Up), this is our bread winner. People believe in us. We are their minds. We need to keep telling the lies. I can't ever admit what you really think Jeffy ( M,C,J,S)!"
Or maybe not and they are pathological liars to themselves and the public.

Reagan's Disciple said...

I'll say 20% will be tossed.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Just curious... who is "shut up" on the talk show circuit.

And should I be surprised with the immature name calling of those individuals? I think not. It is has become expected.

James Rowen said...

The right is bogged down by its belief in conspiratorial voter fraud, which is a fantasy. Walker brought this on and a mass movement not controlled from the outside or by shadowy 'leaders' is the consequence. Signatures were given and recorded in good faith.

Anonymous said...

Shut up is VM. She is famous for her "SHUT UP!" at the Teaparty Rally with Sarah Palin.

Do you like Vickie Reagan?

Reagan's Disciple said...

Any Takers on the 20%?

Boxer said...

I collected recall signatures at several of the public sites, (as well as from friends and family). With people I didn't know, I checked their signatures before I let them walk away, to be sure that all boxes were filled out, signature signed, etc. (No Daffy Ducks or Mickey Mouses on my watch!)

When I returned the sheets to the local Recall Walker office, they went through the same procedures, making sure that if corrections were needed, I made them and initialed next to the correction, as the collector. In some cases, the signer didn't know whether he was in a Village or Town, or City or Village, or had incorrectly indicated his type of municipality. These were looked up on the internet and verified or corrected as I waited.

It was a very meticulous process and one repeated around the state. Organizers of the recall were all too aware that Republican charges of "widespread voter fraud" would be slung no matter what. I can attest that I's were dotted and T's were crossed.

If someone signed a legitimate--sounding name for an existing address--THAT'S ON THEM, not the collector or the recall effort. The person who used a false name has committed voter fraud, a felony. May you be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Republicans will try every dirty trick in the book and then some to discredit the Recall Walker campaign.

They not only distort the truth but delude themselves that enough names will be eliminated to stop the recall.

Smug-know-it-alls like Wagner and Reagan's Disciple are either self-delusional or purposely lying to discourage recall voters. In either case, I challenge you both to issue mea culpas when the numbers prove you very wrong.

Anonymous said...

By the way, there is a Mickey Maus in Wisconsin. When I did data entry, I found an Irv Berlin. Checked it out and it looks legitimate but I flagged it for another to review.

I and several of my data-entry buddies are former state workers. We know these names and zip codes. We can spell all the tricky locations like "Trempealeau" or "Menominee." We know the zip codes by heart. We recognize which family names are associated with which parts of the state. We can match municipalities with street addresses even if those addresses contain a different city name. In short, we have been mailing to these addresses for years (driver's licenses, tax materials, college transcripts, etc.) and we are very well qualified to review these petitions. They should be very clean. We were born to recall Walker.

Anonymous said...

And there is a George and Barbara Bush in northern Wisconsin. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you one thing. The incredible attention to these petitions at the office I VOLUNTEERED at was to say the least incredibly meticulous.


Anonymous said...

i'm part of a classification of state employes that he once called "idiots." how's this wager- if more than 25% of signatures are struck, i wear a sandwich board that says i'm an idiot. if less than 2he goes on the air and denounces the boy scouts for blatantly discriminating against gays.

Boxer said...

We won't see Reagan's Disciple commenting on this post any more: too many people actually know things for him to get away with his smug over-generalizations, oversimplifications and wild speculations.

Try thinking for yourself, RD, instead of following a dead president whose second term was Alzheimer-addled, if not also his first term.

Anonymous said...

I'm just venting here about republican cognitive dissonance but really... How is it they can sit there and tell the lies that they tell over and over and do it with a straight face? How? When I'm lying-- and I do tell my share of little white lies in life-- I know I'm lying and I don't like it.

Republicans tell big lies-- big f*cking lies-- over and over and they sit there with straight faces. This isn't a partisan issue. Many Republicans know full well their own party heads are lying. Many working class Republicans (a huge oxymoron in my book) know that Walker and his gang are lying through their teeth.

It really has to be hard on the soul to lie so much. It's like a corrosive, a morally corrosive acid, that eats away at one's personality and character.

And to Reagan's Disciple, the amount of rejected signatures won't crack 5%. I'd wager that if your side is lucky that the amount of rejected signatures will barely top 1 to 2% at most, and that will be because of poor execution and lack of verifiable data not because they were signed "Adolf Hitler."

There was a Republican hack on the local news here in Madison yesterday. I forget who it was. He talked about all the "fraud" there would be in the petitions, the fraud of people-- and I quote-- ""signing eighty time." How can this guy live with himself repeating such a blatant lie? Really disgusting and it's hard on everyone, hard on our society when people like this rise to positions of prominence.

Anonymous said...

And when GAB confirms the rejected signature totals are miniscule (just as voter fraud is miniscule), Wisconsin Republicans promptly will claim that massive signature fraud is being covered up by an unspecified (and highly unlikely) conspiracy. They're never done with their attempts to undo the law -- and that's eventually going to be their own undoing.

Boxer said...

To Anonymous Jan 19, 12:52 am:

Well said! You really summed up how the whole appallingly rotten system works. I had just been reading Paul Krugman's column (today's) in the New York Times and was preparing to send the link to James. Here it is for you--maybe you ARE Paul Krugman!?

Boxer said...

1.9 million*, baby!!! Can't argue with that!

* combined total, Walker and Kleefisch.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Wow, lots of stuff here...


Again I will prove you wrong. I am still here posting.

As for your 1.9 million... please be honest. That is double counting almost every person who signed both petitions.

To the poster who stated "There is no fraud." I'm still waiting on a taker on my 20%.

@ anon 12:52. Instead of being ignorant, perhaps you should look at the facts. The "signing eighty times" comes from the guy on the Milwaukee news who when interviewed stated that he has in fact signed at least 80 petitions and didn't realize that it was wrong because he wants Walker out of office.

So instead of becoming informed about what he said, you stay ignorant and assume the guy is lying. You comically turn your lack of knowledge about an issue about the other sides credibility.

Stay classy, and informed!