Saturday, January 28, 2012

Walker One-Liner To Clip, Post On Your Refrigerator

Scott Walker campaigned on a platform of reform [Sic] so simple when running for Milwaukee County Executive in 2002 - - and who knew a decade later his administration would be defined by a John Doe probe, expanding criminal charges and a secret, allegedly-illegal campaign-and-fund-raising wireless email service running full-bore 25 feet from his office - - that he urged voters, for accountability, to write down the platform's few lines and put them on their refrigerators.

Let's play that game again, and add this headline from Friday's Journal Sentinel to your Words of Walker Wisdom refrigerator magnet collection:

Walker: John Doe investigation is not targeting me


Anonymous said...

Ummm...then who? Clearly, they came out n said they were...maybe if u say it enough times....Ohio

Anonymous said...

Walker is delusional if he thinks he's not the target.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"If you look around the table and can't spot the mark, you're the mark." Very true in this case.

Yesterday's comments were very much in the "I am not a crok" vein. We all know it's only a question of if there's enough smoke from the gun to show it in Walker's hand.

Say What? said...

Isn't this just like fishing though- once you find that honey hole there's no telling what size a fish is going to be caught.