Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Politics Of Irony: Walker Criticized Ament Over Recall Signatures

Mining Scott Walker's campaign websites offers another wonderful nugget of historical irony- - this time worth a read in light of Walker's ongoing efforts to obstruct and otherwise muddy the recall signature review process:

In 2002, Scott answered the call to lead the reform movement after the pension scandal in Milwaukee County was uncovered. He was the first person to rise and commit to challenging former County Executive Tom Ament when Ament attempted to legally challenge the recall petition signatures against him.

Within a month, more than 150,000 people signed recall petitions demanding their government back. Scott felt that a leader needed to emerge to lead the movement. He was inspired by the hope of the people involved in the recall effort that they could change the government � for the better. 
That same website also contains a long posting about an ethics reform plan Walker rolled out during his brief 2006 campaign for the GOP Gubernatorial nomination - - available here, in full - - but some gems from that posting are below:
"The culture of government has destroyed the integrity and the idea of public service," said Walker. "My plan seeks to restore the public trust, and instill the confidence that our elected leaders are working for the people," Walker added...
  • All appointed employees will be prohibited from organizing or participating in fundraising for Scott Walker's campaign committee. (100 Day Agenda and Walker's current policy in county government) 
  • Scott Walker will not accept any campaign contributions (from any source) from the time he takes office (January 3, 2007) until the state budget is signed into law.  (100 Day Agenda) 
  • Scott Walker will call on Legislative leaders to enact a similar policy for all elected state officials. (100 Day Agenda) 
  • Scott Walker will push legislation that prohibits contributions to his campaign from firms that are seeking to do business with the state while the contracts are being bid and awarded. (Walker's current policy in county government) 
  • Scott Walker will require every member of his administration to attend ethics training every two years to ensure that all executive staff members are aware of ethics standards and laws. 


Anonymous said...

Great find.

If Reince Priebus was the one doing the ethics training that would explain everything.

Anonymous said...

But there is a difference! As I recall -- um, as I remember -- no one in Ament's administration was indicted, charged, convicted. . . .