Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mining Bill Manager On One-Percenters' Giving Lists

Know your legislator:

State Rep. Mary Williams, (R-Medford), the Assembly committee chair who pushed through a flawed and chaotic pro-industry mining bill last week, does okey-dokey with big donors far and wide, records show.

I plugged $500 as a benchmark into this searchable data base built with state campaign contribution records to see her donors, in chronological order - - and there are contributions at that level among the most recent 25 from Utah, California, Illinois, Virginia, and Wisconsin addresses far from her district.

Donors at that level have provided more than one-third of all the money she has ever raised, records show,


Me said...

So... if we are going to "know our legislators" here on your blog, will that include Democrats who are actively and joyfully in bed with Mining Companies? or will you politely look the other way because your obligations to the Democrats runs too deep and your entire professional and private life is and has been bound up with them (Democrats)?
Just wondering.
Don't think people who "live with" mining already, and the rapidly increasing numbers of people whose lives are being touched by this radical cultural and physical change to our state and way of life DO NOT KNOW about such Democrats.
This goes deep into the credibility of your entire blog and all your efforts and claims to be on the "anti-mine" side of things. Why should you be trusted and taken seriously by "regular people" if you conduct yourself in a strongly protectionist manner? When you point your finger, how many point back to yourself?

Think it over, we'll be watching to see what you decide.

James Rowen said...

Big talk from Anonymous.