Sunday, January 15, 2012

GOP-Led Redistricting In Wisconsin Screwed Up? Great Scott!

We seem to have a cautionary tale in Wisconsin from the people who want the state run like a business, but who botched a known task they are assigned every ten years.

People in Wisconsin by the thousands have been assigned to the wrong polling place after legislative Republicans redrew district maps, and County Clerks are scrambling to unscramble those broken eggs before February primaries.

How could that happen?

The Republicans who were in charge of this once-a-decade process, and who are fond of describing themselves as the adults in the room, were surely cautious with their weighty responsibility, no?.

After all, they had had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money on experts to help them get it Right right.

By hiring a law firm so good it doesn't even need to bill some clients.

What else can you say about this, Bewildered Bucky, except Great Scott!

Since Senate Majority Leader and Redistricting Big Cheese Scott Fitzgerald, on behalf of Scott Walker, got his Senate Majority spokesman Andrew Welhouse in a story the other day to finger-point his boss free of any messy voting/FUBAR responsibility:

"That's got nothing to do with the redistricting decisions that we made," Welhouse said.

The headline on the story puts all named parties in The Copy Editors Hall of Fame: 

Glitch puts some Wisconsin voters in Africa

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