Friday, January 20, 2012

Amen To Obey Admonition On Recall

From his Facebook page:

Obey Warns Against Overconfidence in Recall Efforts

by Dave Obey on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 4:20pm
Dear Friends - I just put out the following statement:  Former 7th District Congressman Dave Obey warned today that “Democrats who think that almost any person nominated to run against Scott Walker can win, are dead wrong. This is a steep uphill fight. If we do win, it will be by a razor thin margin,” Obey said.

“In deciding who our candidate against Walker should be, none of us has the luxury of being guided by past personal or policy differences,” Obey said. “Those differences are far smaller than the issues that unite us.”

“Powerful right wing, elitist money men all across this country will spend whatever they think it takes to keep control of Wisconsin’s government,” Obey warned. “If we do not think this through and support the candidate with the broadest possible appeal, we will waste the effort of thousands of volunteers who stood in the snow, sleet and cold to gather an incredible one million signatures because they felt they were part of a cause bigger than themselves. That would be a tragedy. So much is at stake that we owe it to them to simply not allow that to happen.”


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anyone saying this was going to be easy. We are celebrating because 1) we don't have to stand out in the cold collecting any more signatures and 2) collecting 1 million of anything in 60 days is an accomplishment in itself. We know there is only more hard work ahead. Mr. Obey doesn't have a monopoly on election knowledge or Wisconsin.

James Rowen said...

I am glad Obey said this. And given his lifetime of elected service, I think he has ample cred.

Lisa said...

I agree totally with Dave Obey. That's why every Democrat and or Scott Walker hater in this state, needs to beg Russ Feingold to run.
I actually cried when he lost to Plastic Man. That happened because of all the people in this state who sat it out or in a knee jerk reaction, "voted out the bums."
We don't deserve him but hopefully he'll forgive us and lead us back to the progressive state we've always been.

James Rowen said...

I think we need to take Russ at his word, thank and remember his service, and move on. I've known Russ since his time in the state legislature. He's earned the time away, the right to a new career, or a return later.

But for now, he's said "no,"and I think that's that.

Lisa said...

A girl can always dream:) Don't wake me up until it's time to vote.....until then PLEASE Russ!!!

Reagan's Disciple said...

That is the biggest flaw in the left's recall plan. They don't have a viable candidate that can actually beat Walker.

Gather all the signature you wish. In the end, it comes to the ballot box. Oh, and don't forget your ID.