Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kedzie And Political Quicksand

As the Assembly stumbles and blunders towards approving a mining bill that damages its credibility and the state's water-dependent environment, attention will turn to the State Senate where a committee led by State Sen. Neal Kedzie, (R-Elkhorn), is supposed to be writing a mining bill presumed to be less flawed and confrontational.

That's the general expectation, though Kedzie has been signalling a shift to the right and loyalty to Walker, so we might end up with a Senate bill masquerading as something better, but in reality is simply re-bottled Assembly sludge, with a dab of lipstick on the label.

If Kedzie comes across as Jeff Stone's brother from another district - - short video, here - -  he could easily find himself on the next recall list.

Voters are less tolerant these days of legislators who carry water for the far-right, out-of-state ALEC machine - - see Kedzie's official bio, and also see consequences/Fitzgerald, Scott/recall- - and who are willing to sell off the state's conservation legacy to anyone with a dragline


and a permit coupon from Walker's commercialized DNR.

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