Sunday, June 2, 2019

The F-con is entering year three as ex-Gov. junkets far away

I was re-reading some of the 323 posts I've added to my Foxconn archive and noticed that the very first item was posted two years ago on June 3rd, 2017.

Fitting, isn't it, that the defeated, now-ex Governor, having found Foxconn a liability, is junketing overseas today, so is unavailable to comment on why so little of the 13,000 high-paying jobs he said Foxconn would deliver have actually materialized.

Ironic, isn't it, that Walker insisted on calling the project site WisConn Valley, a made-up contradiction conjuring Silicon Valley, when the Mt. Pleasant location is farmland flat, and whether it's "conn" or "con," the jobs fail and broken promises there remind us of Walker's earlier, 250,000 new jobs' fail - - another liability which conned Wisconsin voters held against him.

Here's that 1st Foxconn related-item:
   * For quick Japan trip, Walker kept Foxconn secret 
Desperate Walker on 48-hour jobs mission - - to Japan
Staring at a possible recession and well-documented dismal jobs data after more than six years in office, it looks like Walker is after a Campaign '18  homerun at taxpayer expense.
Unless he comes back with a Toyota factory, his weekend junket to Japan will look like a very expensive stunt.
Stay tuned. 

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MAL said...

There is no major policy difference between Scott Walker and Tony Evers on Foxconn.

Both have declined (in differing manner) to challenge this ludicorus contract for breach.

Both have declined to examine and challenge the constitutional defects in the contract.

But Dems and progressives omit Evers' blather out of misguided and destructive sense of Party loyalty.