Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Walker misses the boat. And not by accident

Walker, 2020, or 2022? That ship has sailed.

If Walker, born in Colorado and raised in Iowa, were serious about promoting the state he hopes will return him to office, he'd be promoting tourism through cruise business to Milwaukee, like this - -
- - instead of sailing and spending far from Wisconsin, like this:
Walker's planned Hawaiian cruise is a go
The 12-day excursion will feature a three-night stay in Honolulu, a trip to Pearl Harbor, a luau and opportunities to watch whales and witness volcanoes. The tab is a bit pricey, running from $5,499 to $9,299 per passenger, depending on the size of the cabin.  
And that won't be the first time since he was defeated that he put his money where his mouth has been
Defeated Wisconsin Governor and Embodiment of Bitterness Scott Walker took his Pity Pot Tour to Washington State this week where, apropos of nothing, he reportedly bashed Madison as "left of Stalingrad..."
Can you imagine any other living Wisconsin Governor, regardless of party - - Tommy Thompson, Jim Doyle or Martin Schreiber - - or before them, Warren Knowles, Lee Dreyfus or Gaylord Nelson - - traveling more than halfway across the country and running down Wisconsin's Capital city? 


Anonymous said...

Iowa is number one in NUMBER TWO*!

It ought to claim Snott Welker also too!


Anonymous said...

I guess he doesn't mind hammocks now. His life is nothing but hammocks. "The dignity of work" indeed.