Thursday, June 20, 2019

Walker's Lincoln Hills legacy: $25 million. And a few toes.

Another big win for 'compassionate' conservatives and their fiscal 'conservatism.'

The Lincoln Hills catastrophe that began with Walker's flawed closure in 2011 of the Ethan Allen facility and his 2012 ignoring of a judge's warning about what was happening at the Ethan Allen replacement up north is bookended with today's brutality settlements that brings those payouts to $25 million
MADISON - Gov. Tony Evers' administration agreed Thursday to pay nearly $5 million to three former inmates at Wisconsin's juvenile prison complex — bringing the state's total legal bills for problems there to more than $25 million.  
The settlements are aimed at resolving allegations that guards broke a boy's arm, rammed a girl's head into a wall and punished another girl after a suicide attempt. 
The earlier settlements covered one boy's accidentally-amputated toes, among other injurious incidents:
Lincoln Hills youth had toes amputated after run-in with staff

never visited the site, or any other state correctional facility, because, you know, Brewer games, cold beers, desserts, pizza crusts and half-eaten burgers needed photographing.

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