Friday, June 21, 2019

How the lame ducks served sauce-free gander

Wisconsin legislative Republicans a few years ago handed over to attorney Misha Tseytlin the management of a substantial staff expansion of Attorney General Brad Schimel's reach.

Some of that broadened activity was documented last fall by Madison attorney Christa Westerberg.

And while State Rep. Chris Taylor, (D-Madison) objected to the way Schimel's expanded staff was being used, Schimel's office defended it.

Fast forward to last November. Schimel and Walker were defeated, and when Republicans went about curtailing the reach of the new Democratic Attorney General, and Governor - - 

- - they turned over their argument to outside counsel Misha Tseytlin, and successfully, the Wisconsin State Journal said Friday morning:
Wisconsin Supreme Court sides with GOP Legislature in case challenging lame-duck laws
Misha Tseytlin, a lawyer representing the Republican-controlled Legislature, makes his case during oral arguments Wednesday before the Wisconsin Supreme Court

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